What’s the cost of living in the Washington, DC, area?

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In a word: High.  You can use a calculator like this one to compare a salary in your current location to Washington, DC.  As of the date of this post, here’s a sample of how various locations stack up vs Washington, DC…

Atlanta, GA – 45.3% higher in DC

Dallas, TX – 44.7% higher in DC

Denver, CO – 44.1% higher in DC

Fayetteville, NC – 61.2% higher in DC

Philadelphia, PA – 25.2% higher in DC

San Diego, CA – 11.2% higher in DC

Wichita, KS – 76.2% higher in DC

There ARE a few places more expensive though…

Honolulu, HI – 5.9% lower in DC

New York, NY – 12.2% lower in DC

San Francisco, CA – 9.3% lower in DC

With such a high cost of living, the cost of housing often creates ‘sticker shock’ in those relocating.   The lengthy commute times, along with school district quality, are big drivers of housing prices.  If you can be flexible on either of those it will go a long way towards finding affordable housing.

Don’t despair about the high cost of living though — DC is a great area to live!   We have mild weather with four seasons, plenty of cultural activities, a central east coast location with plenty of transportation options, and an ethnically and culturally diverse area.  Plus all the politics you could want! (wait… is that a ‘pro’ or a ‘con’??)

Need help or looking for more information on your relocation to the DC or Northern Virginia area?  Contact us – we’re happy to help!


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