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One thing we frequently hear from people who move to the Washington, DC, metro area is that it’s so green. Yes, we recycle here and you’ll see lots of hybrids on the road, but what folks are actually referring to are all of the parks and outdoor areas that are scattered throughout the region.

Like to hike/bike/run/walk? We’ve got hundreds of miles of trails for you to explore and enjoy. Like to boat and/or fish? We’ve got several marinas and miles of waterways packed with honey holes. And if you just want a nice place to take the kiddos for an afternoon of outdoor fun, the area is packed with parks where you can let the little ones run around and work off some of that excess energy.

No matter what your preferred outdoor activity, you’ll find a place nearby where you can indulge in your favorite hobbies. Not sure where to start? Click here to get started:

Other big attractions in the area are the many national parks and historic places. You can get in some good outdoor time and learn something, as well. Click here to find a nearby park:

There are lots of options, so get out there and enjoy all of the great outdoor spaces that are in your new backyard.


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