DC Metro Closes 2012 with Double-Digit Price Growth

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As we look back at 2012, most indicators point to a healthier market than 2011, but several clues reveal a possible softening of demand in the near-term.  Sales numbers and the median price are up from this time last year, but new contracts have declined slightly for the 2ndstraight month. Additionally, unseasonable declines in sales […]

Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update

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Watch the video below to see the latest Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update. And if you have any questions, just contact us!   Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update

Rising Prices Predicted for Local Real Estate Market

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The year is off to a fast start in the world of real estate! The biggest news was the fiscal cliff deal. In real estate terms, things generally went well. Here is a brief summary of key items from the fiscal cliff deal affecting the real estate market: No change, at least for now, on […]

Building a Home: Construction Financing

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So you’ve decided to purchase a new-construction home. This series of posts will detail the process from start to finish, and hopefully give you a good idea of what to expect throughout the process. In part one, we’ll look at how to get started by securing construction financing and what to expect from the lender. […]

Should You List Your Home Now, or Wait Until Spring?

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Should you list your home now, or wait until Spring? According to a national survey of real estate transactions, more than 90% of buyer start their search on the internet—and then spend almost two months looking before finally settling on the right one for them. That two month lag time means that houses that are […]

Real Estate Tax Breaks Survive Fiscal Cliff Deal

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Homeowners and real estate professionals anxiously waited to see if real estate tax breaks would survive the fiscal cliff deal. In the end, the breaks for homeowners survived, at least for the time being. The mortgage interest deduction remained intact, and the deal extended mortgage debt forgiveness for one year. Prior to 2007, if lenders […]

Thinking of Renting Your Home For Inauguration?

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The influx of visitors to DC for Obama’s second swearing-in is expected to pale in comparison with 2008. But if you’re thinking of renting your home for the inauguration, here are some pointers to keep in mind: You’re entering into a lease—treat it that way. Spend the money to buy a legal lease either online, […]

Preparing to Buy a Home

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Buying a home in 2013? If so, here are some tips for preparing to buy a home. Save your cash. You’re going to need it for your down payment and closing costs. Save at least 3% of the purchase price to put toward closing costs, even if you’re asking the sellers to chip in. The […]