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October 2015


We hope this newsletter finds you well rested and relaxed as summer comes to an end and the kids are back to school. We have continued to stay busy here at the Wethman Group with 20 settlements in August and September! We’re also proud to announce Katie Wethman, our Managing Partner, landed a spot in the Washingtonian’s Best Agents List!  But on to the news…

Market Conditions

Though the press is touting continuing strong market conditions, on the ground our team is seeing the market slow down ever so slightly in our area.  Of course there are still pockets of hyper activity, but we’re seeing inventory drop and some buyers sitting on the sidelines.  The specter of rising interest rates loomed large for buyers in the past few months, but now the Fed has backed down given global economic conditions.  Without that urgency driver, we expect buyers to be taking their time this Fall and Winter.  Staging a home and pricing it well will become more important than ever for sellers.

Sellers, if you think you’ll be selling in the next 4-6 months, contact us now so that we can come up with a game plan for preparation and staging, including photos.

Storm Preparedness

Even though Joaquin looks to be headed out to sea, this is still a good time to prepare for other storms sure to come; homeowners, move small items indoor or store in sheds, and secure anything that might blow away in high winds. And when this rain does clear up, go ahead and trim those trees of any dead or low branches that can become problematic in storms. If you find yourself with water in your basement and need to clean up, you may need to rely on professionals like ServPro.  Act quickly to minimize damage from mold and mildew.   (If you need recommendations for vendors or for waterproofing companies, just contact us!)

Check your sump pumps and battery backups.  Too often we’re not diligent about checking for water leaks and backups until it’s too late.  For extra peace of mind, one of my favorite inexpensive ‘must haves’ for the house is abasement water alarm like this one.  I have several in my home, in fact–near the sump pit, near the water heater, and near the HVAC system. For $12 this little tool gives a lot of peace of mind!

Voter Registration Deadline

Finally, a tip for those who have moved in the past year — most jurisdictions have October voter registration deadline.  Visit your County or City website for instructions on registering in your new district!

As always, don’t hesitate to call us if we can help with your real estate needs.

Stay dry!
The Wethman Group


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