Reasons to Sell During the Holidays!

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Should you keep your home on the market during the holiday and winter months?? Will you get any buyers or traffic through your house? Many clients ask us these questions, as the holidays are approaching and the answer is YES! While the real estate market may slow down more in the fall, compared to the spring, there are still buyers out looking, even during the cold winter months! While it may seem odd, here are some of the best reasons you should list/keep your house on the market during the Holidays!

Serious Buyers
-The weather during the winter and holiday months can be cold and dreary, so buyers out during this time are serious, and not just “seeing whats out there”. Buyers that look at your home through the holidays, are usually serious and ready to make a decision quickly.

Sense of Urgency
-Buyer looking during the winter months, are likely starting a new job, relocating or getting transferred with the government or military. In this case, they have a firm deadline of when they need t find a home!

Less Inventory/Competition
-Since many sellers think buyers won’t be looking during the holidays, many will take their home off the market and relist in the spring. That is good news for those still on the market, because less supply of homes, means more demand ( and showings) from buyers.

More Negotiating Power
-When there is less inventory, and a home is priced well, sellers have more negotiating power. If your home is listed during the holidays, they are not many other houses, and buyers HAVE to purchase, many sellers will receive strong offers and terms.

More time to Search
- Many people are off around the holiday, which means they have more time to search for houses online, and more time to see them! Although some people may be traveling, there are still many than stay home, and will likely be on their phone or computers looking at properties!

Flexible timing
-Despite having your home for sale, you can set specific show hours, or decline appointments that are not convenient. Also, keys can be removed from the lock box over Christmas & New years, to ensure that you wont be disrupted.

-If you know you will need to sell during the holidays, you can also take pictures in the fall, so that your house looks more inviting compared to bare winter photos.

Houses feel more inviting!
-During the holidays, your home is usually decorated and feels inviting! This is another added benefit for buyers to see the house, from a different perspective.Certainly, less is more, but they can see the benefit of a large wood burning fireplace, and appreciate an energy efficient heating system!

-Some buyers may need to purchase before the end of the year for tax reasons, so this increases their motivation even further.

These are all great reasons to sell or keep your house on the market during the holidays! If you have questions regarding your neighborhood, and what would be the best time to help you get the most money in the least amount, contact us for more details!


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