Finding an Apartment or Condo in DCI’m often asked by clients and others for assistance in finding a rental. Though a Realtor can help in some circumstances, in reality the rental market is far more fragmented than the market for sales. I’ve compiled this page to help point people in the right direction. If you have some resources to add, please let me know!

MLS Search – Owners will often use an agent to post their home in the Multiple Listing Service for rent. You need an agent to view these homes, whether it be your own “tenant” agent or the “listing” agent. Using an agent sometimes requires a non-refundable retainer fee.  Even so, it’s sometimes difficult to find an agent willing to help you see these homes because the compensation offered by the owner is often low (unless you’re looking in a rental price range of several thousand dollars/month). Though it’s a pain to coordinate individual showings, you may want to consider contacting the listing agent directly.

Craigs List – For better or for worse, Craigs List is by far the #1 source people use when looking for rentals (or posting homes for rent). It can be a bit frustrating because data is incomplete, inconsistent, and not necessarily updated in a timely fashion. Other frequent complaints are that places rent too quickly and by the time you make an appointment to see it, it’s gone. Nonetheless, this is the place I suggest most people start.

Washington Post/ The Washington Post, in conjunction with, has this cool map-based search.

Dittmarr Communities Dittmar owns and manages quite a few local buildings, including buildings in key Orange Line locations in North Arlington like Quincy Plaza, Randolph Towers, Richmond Square, and Virginia Square Plaza.

Apartment Guide Another good, general resource listing local apartment buildings. Though designed for military families, anyone can post or respond to rental listings on this site, which helpfully categorizes listings by distance to various bases.

City Forums – Need more help or have a specific question? Try browsing the boards or posting your own question at City Data.

Rentometer - Very cool tool that allows you to enter an address and the rent paid and will compare that price to the median rental price for the area. Helpful for both tenants AND landlords!

Washington Post Rentals Section