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It’s reasonable for buyers to ask “Where are the good schools?” But the fact is that real estate agents are very limited in their ability to answer that question due to fair housing laws. Agents can’t be seen “steering” buyers towards particular neighborhoods based on a protected class characteristic (e.g., race, religion, color, etc.) “Good” is a judgment call — what one individual considers a ‘good’ school may not be ‘good’ to anyone else, so it’s important that buyers do their own research. One great resource is, which provides data, test scores, and rankings for schools.

When you find a home or neighborhood you are interested in, simply plug the address in to the appropriate “Boundary Locator” below to find the school district.  Then read about that school district — including it’s 1 to 10 ranking — at

For more information, here are links to some of our local school districts:

Private School Resources


Alexandria City Schools and Boundary Locator

Arlington County Schools and Boundary Locator (note works best in Internet Explorer)

Fairfax County Schools and Boundary Locator

Fairfax City Schools

Falls Church City Schools

Prince William County Schools
* Note> Be sure to read our post about the differences between Falls Church (Fairfax County) and Falls Church (City), as well as Alexandria (City) vs Alexandria (Fairfax County)
Prince William County Schools

District of Columbia

District Public Schools and Boundary Locator


Montgomery County Schools
Prince George’s County Schools